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Who revolutionized modern transportation?
a) Henry Ford
b) Gottlieb Daimler
c) Orville Wright
d) Walther Percy Chrysler

What kept people from wanting to drive steam cars?
a) They caused too much pollution.
b) The Red Flag Act of 1865.
c) They were too fast and dangerous!
d) They were very expensive.

What kind of transportation was popular in the 1880's and 1890's?
a) Automobile
b) Airplane
c) Walking
d) Bicycle

Which two men developed the gasoline engine?
a) Ford and Wright
b) Buick and Chevrolet
c) Lenoir and Daimler
d) Langley and Serpollet

Who introduced the Model T?
a) Daimler
b) Langley
c) Chevrolet
d) Ford

What year was the Model T introduced?
a) 1890
b) 1909
c) 1908
d) 1923

What term is used to describe the ability to get from place to place?
a) Assembly line
b) Transportation
c) Mobility
d) Bicycle

What term is used to identify the power of a car's engine?
a) MPG (Miles per gallon)
b) Combustion
c) Steam Engine
d) Horsepower

What was the Red Flag Act?
a) English law that said no more than 2 mph in city or 4 mph in country when driving; had to have a red flag carrier in front.
b) American law that said you had to flag down passersby with a red flag as you drove past in your car.
c) German law that said all cars had to have a red flag posted on the front of every automobile.
d) Swedish law that said automobiles were outlawed wherever a red flag was posted in a city.

True or False? Gasoline-powered carriages, or automobiles, were on the road in 1908.
a) True
b) False

True or false? Europe had early motor cars that were reliable.
a) True
b) False

True or false. Henry Ford was the ONLY person to manufacture cars.
a) True
b) False

What was Henry Ford's first car?
a) Mustang
b) Quadricycle
c) Model T
d) F-150

Who changed the way goods were manufactured?
a) Louis Chevrolet
b) Gottlieb Daimler
c) Henry Langley
d) Henry Ford

Something made long ago is called:
a) An antique
b) An assembly line
c) An automobile
d) An airplane

Which of the following is NOT how autombociles changed peoples lives?
a) People could live in one town and work in another.
b) People could take trips on their own schedules.
c) People had to follow train schedules to take trips.
d) People could have more freedom to do as they pleased.

What were the ADVANTAGES of steam carriages?
a) Fuel had to be carried to make steam.
b) The body had to be heavy to carry the machinery.
c) The engines were noisy.
d) The road taxes were too high.

Which is NOT a reason that Ford's Model T sold better than other cars?
a) It was affordable and sturdy.
b) It was a pretty color.
c) It was easy to drive.
d) It was easy to repair.

Which is NOT a change the assembly line brought to businesses?
a) It helped produce more steam to run engines.
b) It helped produce more goods faster.
c) Workers did not have to move around the factory as much.
d) It made products more affordable.

What happened to the cost of the Model T AFTER Ford introduced the moving assembly line?
a) It increased.
b) It decreased.
c) It stayed the same.

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