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SUBJECT The girl will be an astronaut.
a) The girl
b) will be
c) astronaut
d) will be an astronaut.

SUBJECT Astronauts study space.
a) Astronauts
b) space
c) study space.
d) Study

SUBJECT She and I dream about spaceships
a) She and I
b) spaceships
c) dream
d) About spaceships

SUBJECT My father is a zoologist.
a) My father
b) zoologist.
c) Is
d) is a zoologist.

SUBJECT Zoologists study animals.
a) Zoologists
b) animals.
c) study .
d) study animals.

PREDICATE We hiked up a mountain.
a) hiked up a mountain.
b) We
c) a mountain.
d) We hiked up

PREDICATE The trail was hard.
a) The trail
b) was hard.
c) hard
d) was

PREDICATE It climbed up and up.
a) climbed up and up.
b) It
c) climbed
d) up and up

PREDICATE My dad helped me a little.
a) My dad
b) helped me a little.
c) helped
d) me a little.

PREDICATE The view at the top was great.
a) The view at the top
b) was
c) was great.
d) great

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