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What continent did most early explorers come from?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) Europe

The Native American population of Mexico in 1492 has been estimated at 25 million; the population in 1608 has been estimated at 1.7 million. This decrease in population was mainly a result of
a) crop failures brought on by poor weather conditions
b) emigration of Native Americans to Europe and Africa
c) wars between various native groups
d) diseases introduced by the Spanish

In Latin America during the early period of Spanish colonialism, the deaths of large numbers of the native people led to
a) a decline in Spanish immigration to the Americas
b) the removal of most Spanish troops from the Americas
c) the importation of slaves from Africa
d) improved health care in the colonies

Which of the following was not a reason for European exploration?
a) Europeans wanted to learn from the natives in the New World.
b) Europeans were looking for a shorter route to transport spices.
c) European nations wanted to gain control of natural resources in new lands.
d) Europeans wanted to spread Christianity.

What explorer was looking for the Fountain of Youth in Florida?
a) Robert de La Salle
b) Ponce de Leon
c) Hernando de Soto
d) Henry Hudson

Global transfer of living things between Europe, Africa, and the Americas was known as:
a) Columbian Trade
b) Columbian Exchange
c) Columbian Monopoly
d) Columbian Dynasty

sailed for Spain, looking for sea route to Asia; First person to sail across Atlantic Ocean; credited with discovering America, although he never landed on American shores
a) Henry Hudson
b) Amerigo Vespucci
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Francisco Vásquez de Coronado

America was named after what explorer?
a) Amerigo Vespucci
b) America Vespucci
c) Amerigo Italiano
d) Esteban Amerigo

what motivated Christopher Columbus to explore?
a) Gold
b) Glory
c) God

Why did Christopher Columbus call the native's that he encountered, 'Indians'?
a) The native's he encountered told him to call them Indians.
b) He just called them what other explorers called them.
c) He thought he had found a shorter route to Asia and was in India.

Who was among the earliest explorers to reach North America?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Leif Ericson
c) Ponce de Leon
d) Henry Hudson

Why did the Renaissance motivate Europeans to explore?
a) It was a time of darkness, disease, and superstition and people were too scared to live in Europe anymore.
b) People were more interested in learning about the world around them.
c) Europe was overpopulated and people needed to find new land to live on.

It's believed that the Mound Builders created mounds:
a) No one knows.
b) For living in.
c) For burial of their dead.
d) For storing food for the winter.

When the US became a nation it modeled its government after this Native American nation:
a) Plains
b) Iroquois
c) Pueblo
d) Mounds Builders

The America's were populated with people because of a land bridge that connected North America to what other continent?
a) Europe
b) South America
c) Asia
d) Africa

What pre-Columbian Native American group populated the American Southwest?
a) Plains
b) Pacific Northwest
c) Pueblo
d) Iroquois

Of these groups of early explorers, which one is most likely to have made it to the America's before Columbus?
a) Wales
b) Israel
c) Vikings
d) China

What evidence is there that the Polynesians might have made it to the America's before Columbus?
a) Chicken bones from Polynesia were found in South America
b) Beach rocks believed to be docks found off the coast of California
c) Ancient Polynesian coins found off the coast of Maine
d) Rocks in Louisiana that have carvings on them from the Polynesian language

What time period were Christopher Columbus and other Europeans exploring the America's?
a) 1100's
b) 1400's
c) 1700's
d) 1800's

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