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While students were boiling water for a science experiment, the lights went out in the school. The students should –
a) scream for their teacher
b) try to leave the classroom
c) put up the lab materials
d) be still and wait for the teacher’s instructions

A truckload of sand was dumped onto the school playground. After a week of rainfall, the sand was no longer in the shape of a hill. What probably happened to the sand?
a) It eroded
b) It erupted
c) It fossilized
d) It evaporated

Which of these tools would you use to find the mass of a ball?
a) compass
b) balance
c) thermometer
d) graduated cylinder

Which tool was most likely used to make the discovery of tiny plants and animals living in pond water?
a) microscope
b) beaker
c) telescope
d) computer

An ice cube changing into water is an example of-
a) freezing
b) boiling
c) condensation
d) melting

A student wants to know how many drops of water can be piled up on a penny. What should the student do to make the results reliable?
a) repeat the test using a dime
b) use a beaker instead of a dropper
c) heat the water before using it
d) keep everything the same and repeat the test several times

Which of these is a good conductor of electricity?
a) glass
b) metal
c) cloth
d) plastic

What is the source of energy for the water cycle?
a) lake
b) sun
c) cloud
d) forest

Which instrument would be best to measure the volume of a liquid?
a) a pan balance
b) a stopwatch
c) a thermometer
d) a graduated cylinder

Which of the following would reflect light rather than refract light?
a) magnifying light
b) mirror
c) lens
d) prism

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