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If I see cumulonimbus clouds form, what type of front most likely approached?
a) Cold front
b) Neutral front
c) Warm front
d) Stationary front

Discharge of atmospheric electrical energy
a) Tornadoes
b) Lightning
c) Thunder
d) Hurricanes

Lightning superheats the air and it expands faster than the speed of sound resulting in a shockwave
a) Wind
b) Thunder
c) Hurricanes
d) typhoon

Funnels of high speed wind are
a) Tornadoes
b) Hurricanes
c) typhoons
d) cyclones

Where do tornadoes typically form?
a) Along a warm front
b) along a neutral front
c) along a cold front
d) along a stationary front

Waht are storms called in the Indian Ocean?
a) Typhoons
b) Hurricanes
c) Tornadoes
d) Cyclones

If I said a typhoon was coming, where am I most likely
a) Atlantic ocean
b) Western Pacific
c) Indian Ocean
d) Eastern Atlantic

Warm water evaporates, water vapor rises, low pressure areas form
a) Tornadoes
b) Hurricanes

Large circulating masses of clouds, wind, and rain about 373 miles in diameter
a) Tornadoes
b) Hurricanes

Average weather of a region, often measured over many years
a) Weather
b) Regional climate
c) Climate
d) Global climate

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