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Kinetic energy depends on
a) mass and volume
b) velocity and weight
c) weight and height
d) velocity and mass

Gravitational potential energy depends on
a) mass and velocity
b) weight and height
c) mass and weight
d) height and distance

Which of the following types of energy is not a renewable resource
a) wind energy
b) nuclear energy
c) solar energy
d) geothermal energy

Which of the following sentences describes a conversion from chemical energy to thermal energy?
a) Food is digested and used to regulate body temperature.
b) Charcoal is burned in a barbecue pit.
c) Coal is burned to produce steam.
d) All of the above.

When energy changes from one form to another, some of the energy always changes into
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) thermal energy
d) mechanical energy

When a bat hits a baseball, which of the following is transferred from the bat to the ball?
a) work
b) energy
c) force
d) electrical energy

As a baseball flies through the air after being hit, which of the following types of energy does it have?
a) potential nergy
b) kinetic energy
c) mechanical energy
d) chemical energy

Which of the following is the formula for finding kinetic energy?
a) KE = m/v
b) KE = mv/2
c) KE = mv squared/2
d) KE = v/2

What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are toughing called
a) friction
b) kinetic energy
c) nuclear fission
d) electrical energy

What happens when electrical energy is changed to thermal energy?
a) An energy change takes place.
b) A force change takes place.
c) An energy conversion takes place.
d) An electrical conversion takes place.

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