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Ana's cookie company has encountered a problem with her technology. It is outdated and there are no more parts available to have it fixed. This would be considered a ___________.
a) strength
b) weakness
c) opportunity
d) threat

Words that are used in a specific industry that may not be understood by those not in that industry are called _________.
b) jargon
c) verbal communication
d) nonverbal communication

Which type of branding promotes store loyalty?
a) manufacturers brand
b) national brand
c) private label brand
d) generic brand

Companies do this to try and get an edge up on competition.
a) product planning
b) marketing plan
c) marketing concept
d) product positioning

With your discretionary income, you might buy/pay for
a) a gallon of milk
b) private school tuition
c) cell phone bill
d) medicine

___________________________refer to statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics such as race, gender, age and income level.
a) Psychographics
b) Demographics
c) Geographics
d) Behavioral factors

A good example of a mass marketing campaign would be for
a) trampolines
b) Tums heartburn medicine
c) Timex watches
d) toothpaste

What do geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavioral factors have in common?
a) They are examples of mass marketing approaches.
b) They are terms used frequently in sales-oriented companies.
c) They are methods that can be used to segment a market.
d) They are unrelated to one another and therefore should not be used in combination to market a product.

A company should conduct a ______________ to see what is happening externally.
a) SWOT analysis
b) marketing plan
c) environmental scan
d) segmentation of markets

What is a target market?
a) a group of people most likely to become customers
b) a group of people most likely to be similar in age
c) a group of people similar to one already identified
d) a group of people identified by using market research

Ricky Bobby has a car stereo business. He has too many workers on staff and has seen a very small profit as a result. Which SWOT factor would apply to Ricky Bobby's business?
a) strength
b) weakness
c) opportunity
d) threat

Thinking of the branding strategies, which one involves one manufacturer making more than one brand in order to target different markets.
a) co-branding
b) brand licensing
c) multi brand
d) brand extension

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that affect a business operation.
a) True
b) False

What is typically NOT true of the maturity stage of the product life cycle?
a) sales slow down
b) the brand must be reinforced
c) increased competition
d) profits increase

The ___________ is the legal name of the company doing business.
a) trademark
b) trade name
c) brand name
d) trade character

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