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1.What are the basic steps of Tarantella?
a) a.Step-swing-jump
b) b.Step-swing-hop
c) c.Step-hop-swing
d) d.Step-jump-swing

2.In what country originated the Dutch Couple Dance?
a) a.Scotland
b) b.United Kingdom
c) c.England
d) d.none of the above

3. Tarantella dance is considered as unlucky if the dancer/s are composed of ____?
a) a.3
b) b.1
c) c.4
d) d.6

4.In what country originated the Lacucaracha Dance?
a) a.Mexico
b) b.USA
c) c.Europe
d) d.England

5. In what Country originated the Japanese Parasol Dance?
a) Geisha
b) Tokyo
c) China
d) Taiwan

6.What are the Materials use in Tarantella Dance?
a) Hat and Tamborine
b) Tamborine and Fan
c) Tamborine and Ribbon
d) Ribbon and Hat

7. What are the Materials use in Ducth Couple?
a) Apple and Fan
b) Apron and Apple
c) Apron and Fan
d) Fan and Bag

8. What is the time signature of the Chinese Fan Dance?
a) 4/4
b) 3/4
c) 2/4
d) 1/4

9. It is also known as Healing Dance in italy.
a) Tarantella
b) Tarontella
c) Ducth Couple
d) Lacucaracha

It is the Dance for Entertainment in China.
a) Chinese Fan Dance
b) Japanese Parasol
c) Tarantella
d) Ducth Couple

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