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What do you call the important equipments for playing Badminton?
a) Racket and Shuttle cock
b) Arnis
c) Net
d) Ball

How many basic strikes Arnis has?
a) 15
b) 14
c) 13
d) 12

Table Tennis was called by anumber by different of different names like
a) whif whaf
b) pompom
c) poona
d) Love

Badminton is also Called
a) Cuuna
b) Poona
c) Luna
d) Puna

Badminton was playedin India
a) No
b) I dont Know
c) Yes
d) Maybe

Badminton is on riginated in whatcountry?
a) Ancient civilisation in Europe and Asia
b) Thailand
c) Afhganistan
d) America

Arnis is riginated in
a) hongkong
b) Africa
c) Philippines
d) Thailand

Arnis used for?
a) For Hurting Others
b) Self Defense

Among the given sports is inline in Dual sports, except...
a) Archery
b) Golf
c) Swimming
d) Basketball

Who founded the Filipino Martial Arts Arnis?
a) Remy Presas
b) Punong Lakan
c) Bruno Mars
d) Arthur Pingoy Jr.

1.Attribute or characterestics assume any variables
a) a. sampling variable
b) b.variable
c) c.random variable

2.The totality of intire data.
a) a.census
b) b.discrete
c) c.population

3.Ratio between the sum of the lower and upper limit of the class.
a) a.classmidpoint
b) b.classwith
c) c.class interval

4.Attribute or characterestics determine by changes.
a) a.random variable
b) b.random sampling
c) c.variable

5.Its is the difference between the lower limit of the first class and lower limit of the second class.
a) a.class interval
b) b.classmidpoint
c) c.class width

6.It is the shape of distribution.
a) a.meso kurtic
b) b.skewness
c) c.kurtosis

7.It is the data or variable that assume finite or countable value.
a) a.discrete
b) b.census
c) c.population

8.Collecting data/or it is the way collecting data
a) a.population
b) b.discrete
c) c.census
d) is the hieght of the distribution
a) a.lepto kurtic
b) b.skewness
c) c.kurtosis

10.It is involved the ordinal and coordinal only
a) a.frequency distribution
b) b.catigorical frequency table
c) c.frequency

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