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1. Tarantella dance is originated from what country ?
a) a. Italy
b) b. Nepal
c) c. Madagascar
d) d. Canada

2. What type signature of Chinese fan dance?
a) a. 2/4
b) b. ¾
c) c. 5/5
d) d. 4/4

3. It’s a dance perform by geisha?
a) a. Chinese fan dance
b) b. Tarantella dance
c) c. Japanese parasol
d) d. Dutch couple dance

4. It is a 2/4 time signature ?
a) a. Japanese parasol dance
b) b. Parasol
c) c. Japanese dance
d) d. Japan dance

5. it is a popular dance by Europe?
a) a. Dutch couple dance
b) b. Japanese parasol dance
c) c. Healing dance
d) d. Rain dance

6. What is the material use in Chinese fan dance?
a) a. Fan
b) b. Electric fan
c) c. Umbrella
d) d. Tambourine

7. Dutch couple is originated from what country?
a) a. Italy
b) b. Europe
c) c. Japan
d) d. USA

8. it is the dance that used parasol?
a) a. Japanese parasol
b) b. Dutch couple dance
c) c. Tarantella dance
d) d. Sun dance

9. What time signature of la cucaracha?
a) a. 5/5
b) b. ¾
c) c. 4/4
d) d. 2/4

10. What are the materials that use in Dutch couple?
a) a. Apron,apple,suspender
b) b. Tambourine,blingbling,fan
c) c. Fan,parasol,necktie
d) d. Longsleeve, watch,umbrella

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