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What is the tropopause?
a) Point where temperature stops decreasing in the troposphere
b) Point where temperature starts decreasing in the troposphere
c) Point where temperature stops increasing in the troposphere
d) Point where temperature starts increasing in the troposphere

What does the ionosphere require?
a) Lunar radiation
b) Atmospheric radiation
c) Solar radiation
d) No radiation

Which aurora takes place in the southern hemisphere
a) Aurora borealis
b) Aurora australis

Which aurora takes place in the northern hemisphere?
a) Aurora borealis
b) Aurora australis

By what process did oxygen get released into the atmosphere 2.5 billion years ago?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Fermentation
d) Animals breathing

What gas do plants need to undergo photosynthesis?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Nitrogen

Which of the following does water NOT exist as IN THE ATMOSPHERE?
a) Liquid
b) Pick this one
c) gas
d) solid (It's not this one either)

In the water cycle, which layer is water continuously being moved through?
a) Thermosphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Mesosphere

When the sun strikes the water in the ocean and causes it to rise into the atmosphere, what is this process known as?
a) Condensation
b) Boiling
c) Freezing
d) Evaporation

How are clouds formed?
a) By the cloud maker in Springfield
b) Water vapor rises until the air is cool enough to condense it into water droplets
c) Water vapor is collected in the air
d) Water vapor rises until the air is warm enough to condense it into water droplets

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