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First Amendment
a) freedom of speech, religion, assembly or petition
b) freedom of speech, the right to eat better school lunch
c) holiness, purity
d) freely, liberally

Seminal Document
a) influential, forms a basis for later developement
b) forms a basis for later grading
c) equipment or gear
d) ritual unchanging since its beginnings

a) holiness, purity
b) dread and surprise
c) unclean
d) a big disgrace

a) view, set of beliefs that a group holds true
b) a set of beliefs that a group holds as a big fat lie
c) sadness and boredom
d) fearful

a) rebel
b) cowboy
c) curious
d) meeting

a) model, guide, standard
b) instructions
c) peace and horrid food
d) cheese stuffed pizza

a) clear, obvious, unequivocal
b) cloudy, disgusted
c) mountian water
d) muddy water

a) custom, belief
b) prison
c) custom, dreams
d) belief, hard working

a) freely, liberally
b) freely, but yet prison
c) liberal prison guard
d) excitement and happiness

a) equipment, gear
b) sport gear
c) equipment for cheese stuffed pizza
d) a recent plan to raise money for the prisons

a) sullenly, angrily, crabbily
b) angry pizza eater
c) crabbily repeating the ABC's
d) sullenly, angrily, fearful

a) disobediently, rebelliously, boldly
b) disobediently burning the pizza
c) disobediently, bored, boldly
d) boldly, happily, glad

a) words that are used more common in speech than in formal conversation, slang
b) gang slang
c) words that are used more common in formal conversation than in speech
d) arrogance

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