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Scott goes fishing with Rebecca. Scott catches 9 trout. Rebecca catches twice as many trout as Scott. How many trout did Rebecca catch ?
a) 81
b) 11
c) 4
d) 18

Ben was at the beach for five days and found 5 seashells every day. How many seashells did Ben find during the beach trip ?
a) 20
b) 15
c) 25
d) 10

Jordan has 8 red balloons. Mark has 2 times more red balloons than Jordan. How many red balloons does Mark have now ?
a) 64
b) 4
c) 10
d) 16

Stacy has 9 five dollars bills. How much money does she have ?
a) 81
b) 25
c) 45
d) 14

There were a total of 8 baseball games a month. The season is played for 4 months. How many baseball games are in the seasons ?
a) 64
b) 16
c) 12
d) 32

Julian goes out to lunch with Carina and Allie. Each person orders the $8 lunch special. Julian agrees to pay the bill. How much will he have to pay ?
a) 11
b) 9
c) 64
d) 24

A restaurant sold 6 cakes every day for a week. How many cakes were sold during the week ?
a) 30 cakes
b) 42 cakes
c) 36 cakes
d) 49 cakes

Jenna worked 2 hours for 6 days. How many hours did she work in total ?
a) 3 hours
b) 8 hours
c) 12 hours
d) 4 hours

Rachel, Charlie, and Steven each have 6 pencils. How many pencils do they have have in all ?
a) 18
b) 30
c) 9
d) 36

There are 7 kids are at the fair. If each kid wins 4 stuffed animals, how many stuffed animals will there be?
a) 28
b) 49
c) 20
d) 16

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