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The process of selecting organisms with desired traits service parents for the next generation is referred to as
a) Genetic engineering
b) Artificial selection
c) Selective breeding
d) All the above

The production of insulin is an example of
a) Genetic engineering
b) Protein synthesis
c) Selective breeding
d) DNA replication

In genetic engineering scientists
a) Have found new methods of reducing organisms with desired traits
b) Transfer genes from organism to another
c) Are able to produce products such as super sweet corn and cold resist tomatoes
d) All be above

Which of these an example of the benefits of genetic engineering
a) Crossbreeding to create disease resistant crops
b) Creating human insulin to treat people with diabetes
c) Analyzing karyotypes and pedigree charts
d) Growing a new plant from a cutting

Which form of selective breeding crosses parents with the same or similar sets of alleles
a) Fertilization
b) inbreeding
c) Hybridization
d) Cloning

If a recessive traits is expressed in an organism's phenotype, what can you determine about its genotype
a) Both alleles in the genotype are resisting
b) At least one allele in the genotype is recessive
c) You cannot determine anything about the organism's genotype
d) Both alleles in the genotype are dominant

An organism's genotype describes
a) The form of a trait it displays
b) The physical characteristics
c) The way it looks
d) The alleles of gene it contains

This is a unit that determines traits
a) Chromosomes
b) Gene
c) Allele
d) DNA

If a true true bred purple flower plant is crossed with a true breed white flowered plant, the possible phenotype of the first generation of plants are
a) All whites
b) All purple
c) 50 percent purple 50 percent white
d) 75% purple and 25% want

A punnett square is helpful in predicting
a) Only genotypes of offspring
b) Only phenotypes of offspring
c) Both the genotypes and the phenotypes of offspring
d) None of the above

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