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Scientists need to be _________________ meaning they are not influenced by feelings or emotions
a) subjective
b) objective
c) careless

A basic law or truth?
a) Principle
b) Idea
c) Theory

Good scientists are _________________.
a) skeptical
b) careless
c) dishonest

A well tested hypothesis that explains scientific observations is a _____________.
a) Idea
b) Theory
c) Principle

Values are ___________________.
a) What is not important to a person.
b) What is important to a person.
c) is the opposite of morals.

When no members of a species remain they are said to be ________________.
a) Deceased
b) Erased
c) Extinct

The variety of life on Earth is called ________________.
a) Biodiversion
b) Biodiversity
c) Envirodiversity

Overconsumption is ________________________.
a) using more resources than can be replaced.
b) using resources responsibly.
c) using just enough resources to be a sustainable society.

If an environmental problem affects only a city the problem is said to be _______________.
a) Global
b) Regional
c) Local

The first step in the scientific method is ___________.
a) Observe
b) Perform an Experiment
c) make a conclusion
d) Analyze Data

True of False: An incorrect hypothesis is always a bad thing for a scientist.
a) True
b) False

What group in an experiment includes a variable?
a) Control Group
b) Experimental Group

The thing that changes in an experiment.
a) Control
b) Variable

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