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When Kyle was measuring water in a graduated cylinder, he noticed that the surface of the water was not level, but curved. What is this curved surface called?
a) An air bubble
b) The meniscus
c) A millimeter
d) A scale

Which of the following is acceptable during the scientific process?
a) Ignoring the data that disagrees with the hypothesis.
b) Having no controls on the experiment.
c) Discovering that the hypothesis is not supported.
d) Ignoring hazards in the investigation.

Why would repeating an experiment be a good idea?
a) To use up more materials.
b) To see if the results can be repeated.
c) To test the hypothesis.
d) To predict the independent variable.

Karen determined that the paper airplane flew 25 meters in an experiment. She is making a
a) Quantitative observation
b) Qualitative Observation
c) Hypothesis
d) Conclusion

Sam wanted to know if talking to plants makes them grow taller. What should the dependent variable be in his experiment?
a) The height of the plants
b) How much he talks to the plants.
c) The amount of water given to the plants.
d) The amount of sunlight.

Mary conducted an experiment to find out how much light was needed by cactus plants to grow. What is the independent (manipulative) variable?
a) The type of plants used.
b) The amount of fertilizer.
c) The amount of soil.
d) The amount of light.

In an experiment, the factor that changes is called a
a) Constant
b) Control
c) Variable
d) Fact

Diagrams, tables and graphs are used by scientists mainly to
a) Design a research plan
b) Organize data and allow the results to be easily interpreted.
c) Test the hypothesis.
d) Make a prediction.

I predict that the penny will hold 25 drops of water. This statements is best described as a
a) Conclusion
b) Hypothesis
c) Fact
d) Experiment

Observations and measurements that are collected as a result of an experiment are called
a) Controls
b) Problems
c) Variables
d) Data

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