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Which part of the water cycle is when water vapor changes back to a liquid to form clouds?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Transpiration
d) runoff

Which part of the water cycle is when water in rivers lakes and streams are changed from liquid water into water vapor?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Transpiration
d) Runoff

Which of the following clearly describes how evaporation and transpiration are different?
a) Evaporation and Transpiration are both changing water from a liquid to a gas from plants that grow on Earth.
b) Evaporation is changing the water in plants to water vapor and Transpiration is changing water on earth to water vapor.
c) Evaporation is the changing of liquid water to a gas from bodies of water, and transpiration is evaporation from plants.
d) all the above

If I go outside and notice that we have a bunch of cumulus clouds in sky, which of the following should I do?
a) Play outside because it is going to be a nice day.
b) Go get my rain gear on because I am about to get some precipitation.
c) Get inside because a tornado could be coming.
d) Go inside for a short time because we are only going to get some intense precipitation for a short time.

Which of the following clouds below are the ones that can cause terrible thunderstorms?
a) Cumulus
b) Altocumulus
c) Stratocumulus
d) Cumulonimbus

If I am looking on the Fujita scale, what kind of storms would I have seen?
a) Hurricanes
b) Thunderstorms
c) Tornadoes
d) Earthquakes

If I go outside and see a thunderstorm referred to as a Super cell, what kind of severe weather could I have next?
a) Tsunami
b) Tornado
c) Hurricane
d) Blizzard

What do most hurricanes start as?
a) thunderstorms
b) tornadoes
c) blizzards
d) tropical storms

What should you do if you are caught outside during a tornado?
a) Climb into the nearest tree and try to wait it out.
b) Stay in your car because the windows will protect you from flying debris.
c) Get into a ditch to prevent flying debris from hitting you.
d) Hide under the car because it will protect your from the fast winds.

Which of the following is a good place to go in your home if a tornado is coming?
a) In a storm shelter built into the ground.
b) In a closet or bathroom that is on the inner most part of your house.
c) Down in the basement.
d) all the above

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