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squeamish (squeamishness)
a) reserved, choosy, critical, easily made sick
b) related to worms
c) moves around awkwardly
d) without fear

a) huge, large
b) nimble, graceful power
c) mad, irritated
d) awkward

a) without compromise
b) left behind
c) talk, discuss
d) equally represented

a) clumped together in a group
b) given to strangers
c) spoken over the airwaves
d) cleared out, scattered

a) to permit to go through
b) to allow
c) stop, block
d) to give away

a) liking, bringing satisfaction
b) with reservation
c) bringing unhappiness, disliking
d) adding a condiment to a hotdog

a) take satisfaction from
b) avenge, paying back
c) take from one and give to another
d) left out

a) cautious, hesitant
b) with great excitement
c) hurried
d) with care

a) strip of, width of a cutting blade
b) measuring tool
c) mechanical tool
d) gum from an oak tree

a) perfection
b) attributes of a person
c) large details
d) problems, mistakes

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