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a) amazing, surprising
b) numerous
c) royal, magestic
d) huge, big

a) grew
b) missed
c) decreased
d) noted

a) a bother, annoyance
b) small pet
c) notebook for journaling
d) questioning technique

a) neatly, cleanly
b) with pleasure
c) trying desperately
d) without interruption

a) stuttered
b) ganged up on
c) with dominance
d) raised, tooled

a) umbrella
b) type of cheese
c) rainy season, heavy winds
d) upcoming

a) quiet
b) loud
c) noticeable
d) scratchy

a) reckless, impulsive, defiant
b) with careful consideration
c) upstanding, important
d) insecure, risky

a) not enough color
b) too much color
c) stab, pierce
d) lift up high

a) can be prevented
b) unchangeable, bound to happen
c) with careful consideration
d) funny, hilarious

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