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able, ible
a) able capiable
b) result
c) action
d) not

an, ian
a) possessing
b) native of, relating to
c) pain
d) quality

a) to do
b) example
c) possessing specific skill or art
d) relative

cule, ling
a) very small
b) large
c) extreme
d) taught

er, or
a) writing
b) condition
c) one witch, that which
d) to do

esis, osis
a) action, process, condition
b) never
c) weather or not
d) to have

a) to have
b) to act
c) order, condition
d) female

et, ette
a) small one, group
b) possession of
c) condition
d) nature of

a) make
b) state of
c) full of
d) study

a) study, science, theory
b) schooling
c) act of
d) resembling

a) like, manner of
b) full of
c) having
d) in the direction of

a) state of action
b) never
c) in the direction of
d) law

a) state of , act, possession, rank
b) never
c) to have
d) to be with

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