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The Language of the Catholic/Christian church was
a) Latin until the Renaissance
b) Latin until Rome fell
c) Latin until the 1690's
d) Latin until the 1960's

Our records from the middle ages are mostly 'sacred' in origin because
a) it was a very religious time
b) educated people were very religious
c) members of religious orders were usually well educated
d) mp3 players were not invented yet

Solmization was invented to
a) teach monks how to read and sing music
b) teach monks how to copy books
c) teach monks how to ferment beer
d) teach monks how to pray

Gregorian Chant evolved around the idea of
a) the Doctrine of Ethos
b) the Monroe Doctrine
c) the Doctrine of the Affections
d) the Magna Carta

Gregorian Chant uses the
a) modes
b) major scales
c) minor scales
d) elevator

Pope Gregory
a) unified the Catholic Liturgy
b) unified the Protestant Church
c) unified the Roman Empire
d) unified the Ranger Marching Band

Gregorian Chant is
a) in Latin
b) in Italian
c) in Italy
d) in Rome

The Middle Ages date from about
a) 450-1450
b) 1450-1600
c) 313-476
d) 476-500

Gregorian Chant is
a) Monophonic
b) Polyphonic
c) Homophonic
d) Multiphonic

The history we study with Papa P is related to
a) western culture
b) the Catholic Church
c) the Protestant Church
d) Patriarch of Constantinople

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