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Tables are useful ....
a) when you want to organize information using html tags
b) when you want to arrange text in columns and rows
c) when you want to arrange images in columns and rows
d) all of the above are useful reasons for using tables

This is a vertical line of information
a) row
b) column
c) data cell
d) heading cell

table headers
a) can span across several columns
b) can span across several rows
c) can span across columns and /or rows

table data tags should nest within
a) a set of table row tags
b) a set of table column tags
c) a set of table heading tags

the number of space between cells in a table is called
a) cellpadding
b) cellformatting
c) cellspacing

The space between a cells content and the cell border is called
a) cellpadding
b) cellformatting
c) cellspacing

if you want to merge several cells into one, you can use the
a) cellspan attribute
b) the colspan attribute
c) the rowspan attribute
d) both the colspan and rowspan attributes will accomplish this

the default formula for a heading cell will
a) bold text and center align
b) left align and bold
c) right align and bol

When creating a horizontal menu bar you should divide the total size of the table by the number of links
a) true
b) false
c) you will need to

when a tr code is followed by a bg color code
a) the entire table will be the desired color
b) the entire background of the webpage will appear in the selected color
c) only the row will appear filled in with the desired color

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