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What is the government type of MOST of Central America?
a) unlimited
b) neutral
c) dictators
d) limited

Haiti's capital is_________?
a) Port au Prince
b) Port au Princess
c) Port St. Lucie
d) Port Arthur

What is another term for being POOR?
a) rich
b) poverty
c) well to do

Which Central America country is called an isthmus?
a) Costa Rica
b) Cuba
c) Haiti
d) Panama

When a group of people move to a new place and a government is set up what is it called?T
a) unlimited government
b) limited government
c) colonization

What Caribbean nation is ruled by one?
a) Haiti
b) Cuba
c) Costa Rica
d) Panama

The opening of this_______ contributed to trade expanding between the Atlantic and Pacific.
a) Panama Canal
b) High Speed railway
c) creating fast ships

Which industry benefits from the favorable climate of the Caribbean.( Jamaica, Bahamas etc.)
a) Telecommunications
b) Building ships
c) tourism
d) Banking

Landslides occur in Central America usually by_______.
a) earthquakes
b) monsoons
c) tsunamis
d) dry ground

Most of Central America TRADE $ relies on_______.
a) factories
b) Cash Crops
c) immigrant labor

People in Central America have changed their environment one way by this_______.
a) building dams
b) constructing seawalls
c) cutting down trees to clear land for farming (deforestation)
d) burning rock

Haiti has a shortage of resources mainly because of the earthquakes and has to rely on other countries for what?
a) the dwarfs to meet snow white
b) High taxes
c) aid (help) and imports
d) military support

Under Fidel Castro , what government type would it be?
a) limited
b) unlimited

The Spanish explorers influenced (good) to Central America by...
a) introducing disease
b) introducing Christianity and Spanish
c) by capturing all the indigenous natives

Central America is considered a CULTURE REGION because…..
a) One native group dominates the region
b) A variety of ethnic groups living in the region share a colonial past

Language patterns of the Caribbean were affected by cultural diffusion in this way...
a) Spanish became the official language of the Caribbean islands.
b) English displaced other languages in the area
c) Several European languages SPREAD and replaced many indigenous languages.

The Mayan Influence SPREAD …..
a) throughout Central America
b) Just through Mexico
c) Just through Guatemala

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