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A scientist finds a metamorphic rock formation next to a magma chamber and determines that it was originally a sedimentary rock formation. She concludes that the temperature of the magma chamber caused the rock formation to become metamorphic. Whic
a) weight of heavy machinery moving over the rocks
b) pressure on the rock formation inside Earth
c) a sandstorm that caused the rocks to be eroded
d) a quick burial of the rocks by tons of volcanic ash

Many houses are built on the sides of hills. Which of these actions would best prevent houses from sliding down hills after heavy rainfalls?
a) increasing the slope of the hill
b) spraying herbicides on the hill
c) adding plants to the hill
d) removing grass from the hill

Human actions can change the rate at which soil erodes. Which of the following would most likely slow the rate of soil erosion?
a) applying nitrogen-rich fertilizers
b) keeping grasses trimmed short
c) building houses on stilts
d) planting trees along cliffs

Soil erosion can be best prevented by
a) removing grass from the steepest slope.
b) building terraces into the sides of a slope.
c) heavily watering the vegetation on the slope.
d) increasing the slope of the land by adding more soil.

Before strip mining for coal, the topsoil in the area is removed and stored. After mining operations are completed, the land is leveled and topsoil is replaced. The purpose of replacing topsoil is
a) to prevent wind from weathering and eroding surface coal.
b) to prevent radioactive elements from polluting water sources.
c) to provide an environment for new coal formation.
d) to restore the area to a natural condition.

When trees are removed from an area in a tropical rainforest, the area experiences an increase in soil erosion. Which statement best explains why removing the trees can lead to soil erosion?
a) Less bedrock will be available to make soil.
b) There will be fewer roots to hold the soil in place.
c) The number of soil-eating insects in the area will increase.
d) The amount of solar radiation reaching the ground will increase.

A farmer has a steeply sloping pasture that is eroding. Which is the best option to stop the immediate erosion of the topsoil?
a) Increase the amount of vegetation on the sloping pasture.
b) Plant trees and shrubs at the bottom of the sloping pasture
c) Increase the soil thickness by adding five inches of sandy soil.
d) Increase the organic content of the topsoil by adding earthworms.

The best soil mixture for plant growth and drainage is
a) silt, pebbles, and clay.
b) sand, rocks, and clay.
c) humus, clay, and sand.
d) clay, silt, and rocks.

One year a farmer decided not to plant crops in one of his fields. During that year his farm received a greater amount of precipitation than normal. Which will most likely occur in that unplanted field as a result of the greater precipitation?
a) more carbon dioxide will be trapped in the field
b) erosion of topsoil will increase in the field
c) invasive species will inhabit the field
d) animals will dig burrows in the field

Which is considered a property of soil?
a) Streak
b) Fracture
c) Texture
d) Luster

Living organisms have a role in weathering and erosion in the ecosystem. Which statement describes the role of bacteria and fungi?
a) They hold soil in place during high winds.
b) They decompose organic matter in the soil.
c) They increase water access and flow and help aerate the soil.
d) They grow within cracks of rocks, breaking the rock into small pieces.

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