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1. Which is not belong to service In Badminton?
a) a) Backhand
b) b) Forehand
c) c) Dribbling
d) d) High Service

2. Which one is the skill in Badminton?
a) a) Smash
b) b) Free-throw
c) c) Kicking
d) d) Push

3. Drop-shot, Let, Drive skills are belongs to what sport?
a) a) Basketball
b) b) Badminton
c) c) Sepak takraw
d) d) Golf

4. Which one is belong to individual sport?
a) a) Chess
b) b) Basketball
c) c) Hockey
d) d) Javelin

5. Which test develop the ability of speed of a person?
a) a) Zipper test
b) b) Partial Curl up
c) c) Waling
d) d) 40m sprint

6. Who is the pioneer of Arnis ?
a) a) Punong lakan
b) b) Lapu-lapu
c) c) Rajah Humabon
d) d) Ninoy Aquino

7. This is the kind of skill where the arnis player show the artisitc style of arnis?
a) a) Anyo
b) b) Sinawali
c) c) Cramping
d) d) Banda y banda

8. Which one is a recreational sport?
a) a) Soccer
b) b) Arnis
c) c) Athletics
d) d) Scrabble

9. King, Rook, Bishop belong to what recreational sport?
a) a) Scrabble
b) b) Uno
c) c) Chess
d) d) Tic, Tac, Toe

10. What technique will you do to change the position of tower and King?
a) a) Castling
b) b) Siscillian technique
c) c) Queen Gambit
d) d) Checkmate

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