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You are testing to see if different types of soil help carrots grow better. What are some things you should keep constant?
a) the amount you water each carrot and the type of carrot seed you plant
b) the type of soil
c) how much each carrot will grow
d) planting carrots in 'normal' soil

The step-by-step process scientists use to solve problems and answer questions is called the:
a) scientific method
b) hypothesis
c) question
d) seventh generation

In the hypothesis 'if a cat licks herself each day, then she will have fewer germs than a cat that doesn't lick herself,' what is the INDEPENDENT variable?
a) the cat licking himself
b) fewer germs
c) if...then
d) what happens if a cat licks himself each day?

You're testing to see if reading books while wearing sunglasses will slow down your reading rate. What would be a good CONTROL group for this test?
a) Timing your reading rate while not wearing sunglasses.
b) Reading easier books while wearing sunglasses
c) Timing how long it takes you to read when your eyes are crossed
d) Keeping the book and the amount of light the same

Which of the following is a QUANTITATIVE observation?
a) The basketball weighs 56.2 ounces
b) The basketball is round
c) The basketball feels rough
d) The basketball is orange

Which of the following does NOT make a good procedure?
a) A huge paragraph of steps
b) A list of materials
c) Short, numbered steps
d) Lots of numbers and measurements

You come home and find the cotton ripped out of your couch cushions, your TV knocked over, and your dog out of its crate. What is an INFERENCE you can make about the situation?
a) The dog got out of its crate and made a mess
b) there is cotton ripped out of the couch cushions
c) You got home at 3:32pm
d) You love your dog

Which of the following is a testable question, or a question you can test?
a) What will happen to the oil if I put soap in it?
b) What is oil made out of?
c) Why do we have oil?
d) Why can soap mix together oil and water?

Which of the following is a strong hypothesis?
a) If I put a hair straightener to my hair, then my hair will get straight
b) What will happen if I put a hair straightener to my hair?
c) I'll straighten my hair
d) If I put a hair straightener to my hair, then goblins will make sure that my hair is straight.

What did Black Elk prophesize?
a) The seventh generation will save the world and restore the sacred hoop
b) Science will be the thing that saves the world
c) Doing well in school will get you good grades
d) If you know who Black Elk is, then you will do well in school

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