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definite volume, but no definite shape
a) liquid
b) solid
c) gas
d) plasma

solid, liquid, and gas are all states of matter composed of
a) organic material
b) atoms
c) bases
d) compounds

type of matter comprises the Sun
a) liquid
b) solid
c) plasma
d) gas

For anything to be considered matter, it must
a) have mass and take up space
b) have mass and compounds
c) take up space and have energy
d) have compounds and energy

an atom
a) does not have enough mass to form matter
b) is the smallest particle in all matter
c) does not take up space
d) is made of compounds

characteristics of a solid
a) The substance should be a definite shape that has particles closely packed together and are constantly vibrating
b) no definite shape

Two or more chemically combined atoms
a) element
b) mixture
c) compound
d) acid

Plasma is the most common state of matter in the
a) oceans
b) atmosphere
c) Earth's crust
d) universe

On a pH scale, number 7 would be
a) neutral
b) acid
c) base

on a pH scale, 0-6.9 would be
a) neutral
b) acid
c) base

On a pH scale, 7.1-14 would be
a) neutral
b) acid
c) base

Two or more substances in the same place but NOT chemically combined
a) mixture
b) compound
c) element

Chemical reactivity refers to
a) rate at which a chemical substance tends to undergo a chemical reaction
b) the degree to which a specified material conducts electricity
c) temperature at which a liquid boils and turns to vapor
d) the quantity of a particular substance that can dissolve in a particular solvent

Which of these is a chemical property
a) solubility
b) malleability
c) reactivity
d) ductibility

The property which allows a liquid to be a good fuel is
a) acidity
b) basicidty
c) density
d) combustibility

substance made of only one type of atom
a) salt
b) element
c) compound
d) mixture

What is NOT a physical property of water?
a) It freezes at 0°C at 1 atm of pressure
b) It contains a regular crystalline structure in its solid form
c) It decomposes into H2 and O2 gas.
d) It boils at 100°C at 1 atm of pressure.

The main element in organic compounds
a) hydrogen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon
d) oxygen

Molecules in what are very close together and vibrate in place.
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Which material is composed of only one type of element?
a) water
b) air
c) carbon
d) sugar

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