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Rocks that are made from hot melted rock that cools and hardens are called
a) Sedimentary rocks
b) Igneous Rocks
c) Metamorphic Rocks
d) Compound Rocks

Where does intrusive rock come from?
a) Above the surface
b) Below the srface
c) Neither

For minerals, what does Mohs scale measure?
a) Luster
b) Density
c) Texture
d) Hardness

How can you tell whether an igneous rock formed above or below ground?
a) From it's grain size
b) From it's color
c) From it's hardness

The basic building blocks of rocks are
a) Elements
b) Compounds
c) Minerals
d) Crystals

The process where rocks change from one type of rock to another type of rock over and over again is called
a) Rock Cycle
b) Endless cycle
c) Carbon cycle
d) Nitrogen cycle

A dinosaur print found in a rock is called
a) Mineral
b) Compound
c) Fossil
d) Sedimentary

Melted rock beneath the Earth's surface is called
a) Magma
b) Lava
c) Heated rock
d) Fragment Rock

Rocks that have been changed from intense heat and or pressure are called
a) Sedimentary
b) Compound
c) Igneous
d) Metamorphic

Small pieces of rock, mud, sand, clay and silt that are carried by water from one place to another are called
a) Fossils
b) Germs
c) Sediments
d) Alloys

Rocks that form when layers of clay, sand, silt and mud are pressed and cemmented together are called _________ rocks
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous
c) Compound
d) Metamorphic

Metamorphic rock transfers to Igneous rock by
a) Heat and pressure
b) Weathering and erosion
c) Melting and cooling
d) Cementation

Sedimentary transfers to igneous rock by
a) Weathering and erosion
b) Heat and pressue
c) Melting and cooling
d) Cementation and compaction

After transforming to sediment, the metamorphic rock transfers to sedimentary rock by
a) Cementation and compaction
b) Weathering and rosion
c) Heat and pressure
d) Melting and cooling

The layng down of rock forming material by a natural agent is
a) Intrusion
b) Melting
c) Deposition
d) Erosion

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