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Which of the following is NOT signed the same as the others?

Which of the following is NOT signed the same as the others?

Which of the following is NOT considered rude in Deaf culture?
a) Breaking eye contact
b) Being blunt/frank
c) Private conversations
d) Sudden departures

According to the book, what is a rite of passage in the Deaf community?
a) Getting a hearing aid.
b) Getting a sign name.
c) Getting a cochlear implant.
d) Having a Deaf child.

According to the book, what percentage of Deaf people marry other Deaf people?
a) 5%
b) 10%
c) 90%
d) 100%

According to the book, children will struggle with communication and education if they do not
a) get proper support early on.
b) get hearing aids at an early age.
c) get a cochlear implant shortly after birth.
d) use only ASL all the time.

Which did NOT happen as a result of the Second Internations Congress on Education of the Deaf in 1880 (in Milan)?
a) Deaf teachers were fired.
b) Deaf children who signed were essentially quarantined from oral deaf students.
c) Sign language was banned.
d) ASL was recognized as a true language.

Who came back to the U.S. to help Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet establish the first school for the Deaf.
a) Edward Miner Gallaudet
b) Alice Cogswell
c) Laurent Clerc
d) Abee Sicard

What is the name of the oral school that was originally established in Massachusetts?
a) American School for the Deaf
b) Massachusetts school for the Deaf
c) Clarke School
d) Clerc School

According to the book, what is the central issue when raising a deaf child?
a) Money
b) Language
c) Culture
d) Hearing

According to the book, some studies have shown that children
a) can acquire ASL earlier than spoken English.
b) can acquire spoken English earlier than ASL.
c) cannot learn ASL if they have hearing parents.
d) cannot learn to speak if they learn ASL.

ASL is closest (most similar) to the sign language from which country?
a) England
b) Europe
c) France
d) Britain

What do many professionals tell parents of children who are deaf?
a) Not to sign and to get hearing aids.
b) To use both sign language and spoken language.
c) To get a cochlear implant, but to use sign language too.
d) To do whatever they think is best for their family.

According to the book, Deaf culture in the U.S. is different from other cultures because there is no
a) native land.
b) voice.
c) culture.
d) spoken language.

What was the reason for DPN?
a) To ban sign language and only use the oral method.
b) To fire all of the Deaf teachers.
c) To get Deaf professionals to run Gallaudet University.
d) To establish the first residential school for the Deaf in Connecticut.

Which of the authors is hearing, graduated from Harvard?
a) Harlan Lane
b) Bob Hoffmeister
c) Ben Bahan
d) Ben Lanemeister

Who is NOT an author of Journey into the Deaf-World?
a) Harlan Lane
b) Bob Hoffmeister
c) Ben Bahan
d) Sean Forbes

How do the majority of Deaf, deaf, and Hard of Hearing people in the U.S. communicate?
a) American Sign Language
b) Pidgin Sign English
c) Signing Exact English
d) Spoken English

Which one of the authors is a CODA, and is a professor at Boston University?
a) Bob Hoffmeister
b) Ben Bahan
c) Harlan Lane
d) Harlan Bahanmeister

Which of the authors is Deaf, and is a professor at Gallaudet University?
a) Ben Bahan
b) Harlan Lane
c) Bob Hoffmeister
d) Bob Balane

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