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For a solar eclipse to occur, the alignment must be
a) Earth, sun, moon
b) sun, Earth, moon
c) Sun, moon, Earth
d) none of the above

During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur?
a) new moon
b) first quarter
c) waxing gibbous
d) full moon

You are less likely to see a total solar eclipse than a total lunar eclipse because
a) the moon's shadow covers all of Earth during a solar eclipse.
b) new moon phases occur less often than full moon phases.
c) only people on the daytime side of Earth can see a solar eclipse.
d) the moon's umbra only covers a small area on Earth's surface.

A total solar eclipse is visible from
a) all over Earth.
b) only within the moon's umbra.
c) only within the moon's penumbra.
d) only the dark side of Earth.

During a total lunar eclipse, an observer on Earth would see
a) a new moon.
b) the moon turning a red color.
c) no change in the moon's brightness.
d) a first quarter moon.

During a total lunar eclipse the moon is in Earth's
a) corona
b) penumbra
c) umbra
d) orbit

The duration of a lunar eclipse is
a) longer than a solar eclipse.
b) shorter than a solar eclipse.
c) almost the same length as a solar eclipse.
d) none of the above.

The red color during a lunar eclipse is due to
a) dust in space
b) dust in the moon's atmosphere
c) dust in the Earth's atmosphere
d) dust from Mars

What is the correct alignment during a total lunar eclipse?
a) Sun, moon, Earth
b) Earth, sun, moon
c) sun , Earth, moo
d) none of the above

The moon's orbit is tilted about _____ degrees relative to Earth's orbit around the sun.
a) 27.3
b) 29.5
c) 23.5
d) 5

The darkest part of the moon's shadow is called the
a) umbra
b) penumbra
c) axis
d) orbit

The partial or total blocking of one object in space by another is called a(n)
a) penumbra
b) umbra
c) orbit
d) eclipse

A __________ eclipse occurs when a new moon blocks your view of the sun.
a) lunar
b) solar
c) umbra
d) penumbra

The part of the shadow surrounding the darkest part of the shadow is called the
a) umbra
b) penumbra
c) orbit
d) axis

A ____________ eclipse occurs at a full moon when Earth is directly between the moon and the sun.
a) umbra
b) solar
c) lunar
d) penumbra

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