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Which is a sign that a chemical property is being expressed?
a) boiling
b) bubbling
c) freezing
d) melting

Which of te following describes a slow reaction with oxygen over time?
a) burning
b) melting
c) rusting
d) boiling

A chemical property of one substance involves its ability to react (or not react) with another specific substance.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is an example of a chemical property?
a) density
b) burning
c) color
d) boiling point

Chemical properties can also be used to identify a substance. They can only be recognized when substances react. This means the substance(s) undergo a change in ___.
a) volume
b) shape
c) size
d) composition

Lead is heavier than aluminum. Which Physical Property is being observed?
a) Color change
b) Density
c) melting point
d) Boiling point

When a substance changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, this is said to be the ___ ___.
a) boiling point
b) starting point
c) melting point
d) ending point

Which one is an example of a physical change?
a) paper burning
b) iron rusting
c) new substances forming
d) change in shape

Denisity is a property that explains the relationship between ___ and ___
a) size/shape
b) mass/volume
c) distance/time
d) color/texture

The temperature in which a solid can turn into a liquid is known as ___ ___.
a) turning point
b) melting point
c) boiling point
d) evaporation

Physical and chemical properties can be used to identify substances.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) Ice melting
b) Stomach acid digest food
c) glass breaking
d) cutting paper

Which describes a chemical property?
a) slowly rust when exposed to water
b) has a melting point of 100 degrees C
c) a good conductor

Mary has a sample of an unknown metal. Which property could she use to help identify her sample?
a) ability to burn
b) melting point
c) ability to rust

What is it called when a solid changes directly into a gas, without ever becoming a liquid?
a) sublimation
b) condensation
c) melting

What is it called when two liquids form a solid?
a) sublimation
b) precipitate
c) gas
d) ice

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