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What evidence do scientists use to assemble the geologic time scale.
a) Present day arrangement of the continents
b) They look at the plants and animals on the Earth today.
c) Fossils and rock layers
d) They use history recorded by people a long time ago

What is the name of the Era that takes up most of Earth's timeline but has very primitive plants and animals.
a) Mesozoic
b) Pre-Cambrian
c) Paleozoic
d) Cenozoic

At the beginning of time, the Earth was going through which processes?
a) Transitions from ice ages to warm climates
b) cooling from a ball of magma, atmosphere forming, oceans forming
c) global warming and climate change
d) The Earth climate was stable and Pangea broke apart

The Era of Earth's history dominated by marine life.
a) Pre-Cambrian
b) Cenozoic
c) Mesozoic
d) Paleozoic

At the end of each Era there was a
a) Explosion of life
b) Mass extinction
c) Big earthquake
d) Meteor shower

During the Paleozoic Era,
a) land plants begin to form
b) most life was in the oceans
c) the first reptiles emerge
d) all of these

The era of Earth's history dominated by reptiles including dinosaurs.
a) Pre-Cambrian
b) Mesozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) Cenozoic

The era of Earth's history dominated by mammals and flowering plants.
a) Pre-Cambrian
b) Mesozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) Cenozoic

Scientists believe the continents are moving which would explain Pangea - what causes the continents to move?
a) They are floating on water
b) Sea floor spreading and subduction
c) weathering and eroision
d) climate change

The eras of Earth time go in which order(from beginning to present)
a) Pre-Cambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
b) Paleozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Pre-Cambrian
c) Mesozoic, Pre-Cambrian, Cenozoic, Paleozoic
d) Cenozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Pre-Cambrian

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