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Consider the following address: http://www.CIWcertified.com/Courses/Web_Foundations/iba.htm. Which part of this address represents the protocol being used to send the page information from the server to the computer of the user who requested it?
a) .CIWcertifed.com
b) www
c) /Courses/
d) http://

Companies increasingly want to allow employees to share files directly without having to maintain servers to provide FTP access. Which technology can companies use to maximize processing power while protecting privacy and sensitive materials?
a) SSL/TLS-enabled FTP (FTPS)
b) SSH File Transfer Protocol (S/FTP)
c) Peer-to-peer networks on the Internet (P2P)
d) Secure Copy (SCP)

What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
a) A dial-up or high-speed direct connection to the Internet
b) A computer system with an Internet connection and the correct software for Internet communication
c) An organization that maintains a gateway to the Internet and rents access to it
d) The company that provides telephone lines to your home or office

IPv4 addresses use a 32-bit address format that is divided into four sets of numbers. What is the term for this address?
a) Connection
b) Dotted quad
c) URL
d) Hexadecimal

Which term is used to describe a computer that is responsible for storing and providing information requested by a client application?
a) Database
b) Client
c) Network
d) Server

In an Ethernet network, all data travels across the network and between computers in which form or unit?
a) Routers
b) E-mails
c) Packets
d) Protocols

Ange works as an Administrative Assistant for a small business that uses an SaaS service for sales orders and customer accounting (similar to Salesforce.com). Ange makes sure to save accurate records about current projects, and she performs regular b
a) Because although it is well known that cloud-based services are highly secure, highly reliable and always available, Ange is
b) Because data stored online through this cloud-based service has more risk to security breaches than if it were stored locally
c) Because the service and records would not be accessible if there is an interruption in Internet access
d) Because the number of users who are allowed to access the cloud-based service at any time is limited

Consider the following address: http://www.CIWcertified.com/courses/iba.htm. Which part of this address represents the domain name?
a) iba.htm
b) /courses/
c) .CIWcertifed.com
d) www

Six elements are required to connect to the Internet. Which one of the six required elements can be satisfied by any of several examples including PC, smartphone, smart TV or tablet?
a) Client software
b) Computer
c) Operating system
d) Internet connection

Approximately how many numeric IP addresses are possible with IPv4?
a) 4 billion
b) 400 million
c) 1 billion
d) 100 million

How does a LAN differ from a WAN?
a) A LAN spans a confined geographic area, whereas a WAN consists of multiple LANs.
b) A LAN consists of multiple WANs, whereas a WAN consists of multiple computers.
c) A LAN spans a wide geographic area, whereas a WAN spans a confined area such as an office or home.
d) A LAN uses public networks and high-speed lines, whereas a WAN is private and may use slower lines.

The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project collected vast amounts of data that needed processing. SETI was one of the early adopters of a technology in which volunteers installed a small application on personal computers to receive,
a) collective intelligence.
b) crowdsourcing.
c) Software as a Service.
d) grid computing.

Which protocol is used to receive e-mail messages from an incoming mail server, and forces you to download e-mail messages before reading, deleting or otherwise managing them?
a) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
b) Post Office Protocol (POP)
c) Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
d) Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

Which of the following is considered an original Internet top-level domain?
a) .info
b) .net
c) .pro
d) .biz

When Web users enter the URL www.CIWcertified.com in their browser address bar, they can access the official CIW Web site at the IP address Which technology enables users to do this, instead of having to remember and enter the IP addre
d) DNS

You are leading a project that will collect vast amounts of data, which will need processing. In your research, you learn about a technology in which volunteers can install a small application on personal computers to receive, process and return info
a) Grid computing
b) Software as a Service
c) Crowdsourcing
d) Collective intelligence

What is the least expensive way to access the Internet?
a) With phone lines, an analog modem and an ISP
b) With a local area network (LAN) connection
c) With a cable modem from the cable TV company
d) With a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Which statement accurately describes the difference between a traditional modem and an ISDN line?
a) A modem connects a user to an all-digital network, whereas ISDN adapts a computer to a phone line or cable TV network.
b) A modem provides a dial-up Internet connection, whereas an ISDN line provides a direct Internet connection.
c) ISDN uses a digital line, whereas a traditional modem must translate digital signals to analog and back.
d) ISDN translates digital signals to analog and back, whereas a modem uses a digital line.

Which choice lists the two principal methods of connecting to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
a) Dial-up connection and direct connection
b) ISDN connection and DSL connection
c) World Wide Web (WWW) connection and local area network (LAN) connection
d) Standard modem and cable modem

Which protocol is used to send Web pages from a Web server to a Web browser?
a) Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
b) File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
c) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
d) Post Office Protocol (POP3)

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