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In Russia, the boyars were
a) landowning nobles.
b) slave-like laborers.
c) career soldiers.
d) royal chefs.

In the mid-1600s, the group that was LEAST dependent on the labor of serfs was
a) the nations of western Europe.
b) the Holy Roman Empire.
c) the kingdom of Poland.
d) the Ottoman Empire.

Ivan the Terrible's cruelty was aimed mainly at
a) nobles.
b) merchants.
c) priests.
d) serfs.

Most of the early battles of the Thirty Years' War were won by the
a) Hapsburgs.
b) Calvinists.
c) French Catholics.
d) German Protestants.

Peter the Great's main reason for visiting the West was to
a) learn about Western customs and technology.
b) impress the West with Russia's learning and technology.
c) gain a warm-water seaport for Russia.
d) gain allies for Russia.

The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, meaning caesar, was
a) Ivan the Terrible.
b) Peter the Great.
c) Michael Romanov.
d) Anastasia Romanov.

The site for St. Petersburg was chosen because it was near
a) water routes to Europe.
b) major roadways to Europe.
c) Peter's favorite palace.
d) Moscow.

The War of the Austrian Succession was fought over the possession of lands belonging to
a) Maria Theresa.
b) Ferdinand II.
c) Frederick II.
d) Charles VI.

Under Maria Theresa, Austria's greatest enemy was
a) Prussia.
b) Hungary.
c) Bohemia.
d) the Ottoman Empire.

What concept was the belief in divine right used to support?
a) absolute rule
b) freedom of religion
c) separation of church and state
d) waging war for religious purposes

What did Frederick the Great believe a ruler should be?
a) a father to his people
b) all-powerful and unrelenting
c) suspicious of his advisers
d) a military commander

What event led to the War of the Spanish Succession?
a) Charles II made Louis XIV's grandson his heir, adding to Bourbon power.
b) The Dutch prince William of Orange became king of England.
c) Great Britain took control of the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.
d) The Austrian Hapsburgs took control of the Spanish Netherlands.

What king became France's most powerful ruler and boasted I am the state?
a) Louis XIV
b) Louis XIII
c) Henry IV
d) Henry II

What political purpose did the splendid palace at Versailles serve?
a) to show the power of Louis XIV and arouse the envy of the other monarchs
b) to aid the artists of the time by displaying their works for others to see
c) to reflect the religious faith of Louis XIV and give the appearance of strength and virtue
d) to reflect Louis XIV's ideas of westernization and his desire to modernize his country

What problem helped to weaken the Spanish Empire?
a) Spain experienced a period of severe inflation and heavy taxes.
b) Spain developed a highly influential middle class and lost its nobility.
c) Spanish kings borrowed money from England and France to finance wars.
d) Spanish kings refused to declare bankruptcy or repay their debts.

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