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What was Peter the Great the first Russian ruler to make an effort to do?
a) westernize Russia
b) reduce the power of the nobles
c) add territory to the Russian state
d) organize and utilize a secret police force

What was one reason Ivan IV was called Ivan the Terrible?
a) He organized a police force that murdered people he considered traitors.
b) He poisoned his wife Anastasia because she was from a boyar family.
c) He made the nobility dependent on him and gave power to the middle class.
d) He was in debt to several countries and had to declare bankruptcy.

In Europe, the Seven Years' War resulted in
a) no exchange of territories in Europe.
b) Germany's becoming part of France.
c) Bohemia's becoming part of Austria.
d) Hungary's becoming part of the Ottoman Empire.

How did the United Provinces of the Netherlands differ from neighboring states?
a) It had elected governors whose power depended on landowners and merchants.
b) It was a constitutional monarchy.
c) It had an unstable government that did not focus on economic growth.
d) It continued the feudal system and did not allow a middle class to grow.

How did the Puritans finally win the English Civil War?
a) Cromwell's army defeated the Royalists, and the Puritans held the king prisoner.
b) Cromwell killed Charles I and appointed himself dictator.
c) Cromwell stormed the castle and seized Charles I.
d) Cromwell won support of Parliament and was appointed dictator.

How did Cardinal Richelieu work to increase the power of the Bourbon monarchy?
a) He moved against the Huguenots and weakened the power of the nobles.
b) He excluded nobles from his councils and demanded they live at court.
c) He executed nobles and gave their land to the middle class.
d) He dissolved Parliament and refused to make Puritan reforms.

How did the economy of central Europe differ from that of western Europe?
a) Serfs in central Europe did not move to cities and become the middle class.
b) Monarchs in central Europe taxed the middle class to pay for armies.
c) A middle class and a system of capitalism developed in central Europe.
d) The feudal system ended earlier in central Europe.

How could two brothers (Charles V and Ferdinand I) both have the title of Holy Roman Emperor?
a) Ferdinand I was Charles V's heir.
b) They split the empire into Spain and Austria.
c) That title was given to all sons in that family.
d) Charles V killed Ferdinand I to gain the title.

European monarchs became absolute rulers in response to which of the following?
a) religious and territorial conflicts that caused warfare and revolts
b) heavy tax burdens that were levied to support trade and colonial growth
c) the increased size of courts and new government bureaucracies
d) the growth and increased power of nobilities and representative bodies

Frederick II came to power as the
a) elector of Brandenburg.
b) king of Austria.
c) king of Prussia.
d) emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, which of the following groups suffered the greatest loss of power?
a) the boyars
b) the serfs
c) the monarchy
d) the Russian Orthodox church

At the time that Peter the Great took the throne, the most essential part of the Russian economy was
a) serfs.
b) colonies.
c) trade relations with Europe.
d) merchants and bankers.

By the end of the 1600s, what had England's system of government become?
a) a constitutional monarchy
b) a constitutional democracy
c) a military dictatorship
d) an absolute monarchy

After the northern Dutch gained their freedom from Spain, what type of government did the United Provinces of the Netherlands establish?
a) a republic
b) a military dictatorship
c) a constitutional monarchy
d) an absolute monarchy

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