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The temperature of a liquid, height of a plant, or an observation that one object is smaller than another are all examples of collecting
a) experiments
b) data
c) inferences
d) hypotheses

The process by which a liquid changes to a gas
a) melting
b) condensation
c) sublimation
d) vaporization

A factor that is changed and tested in an experiment is
a) independent variable
b) hypothesis
c) control
d) constant

What is the unit of measure used on graduated cylinders
a) Milliliter
b) meter
c) newton
d) kilogram

If some of the liquid in a graduated cylinder evaporated, how would the amount of liquid change?
a) increase then decrease
b) increase
c) no change
d) decrease

A testable prediction about a possible solution to a problem is called
a) conclusion
b) experiment
c) variable
d) hypothesis

The process of gathering information through senses is called
a) observation
b) analyzing
c) hypothesizing
d) inferring

Another term for technology is
a) experiment
b) applied science
c) control
d) inference

Which is a more complete model of feeding relationships?
a) Food chain
b) Food web
c) Food map
d) protein building

Which of the following is not a producer?
a) pine tree
b) grass
c) honeybee
d) tulip

Nitrogen is used by
a) plants
b) animals
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor be

As you move up the levels in an energy pyramid, the amount of energy
a) is destroyed
b) stays the same
c) increases
d) decreases

The process of freezing
a) does not affect the kinetic energy of the molecules of the substance
b) does not result in an evergy change
c) requires energy
d) releases energy

Which of the following is not a possible sign of a physical change?
a) a change in color
b) the release of energy
c) a change in volume
d) a change in appearance

The measurement of an object's mass is a
a) chemical property
b) chemical change
c) physical property
d) physical change

The ability of a pond to freeze over in winter is a
a) chemical change
b) chemical property
c) physical change
d) physcial property

Carbon _____ through the carbon cycle
a) follows a single path
b) follows various paths
c) decreases in quantity
d) increases in quantity

Which of the following is not a possible sign of a chemical change
a) release of energy
b) release of a gas
c) change in color
d) change of state

Three examples of physical change are
a) applying lipstick, making lemonade and baking bread
b) melting ice, mowing the lawn and carving a statue
c) a pond freezing, breaking glass, and a burning candle
d) boiling water, a nail rusting, and melting candle

When a chunk of dry ice is at room temperature, a cloud of carbon dioxide vapor forms. The carbon dioxide is changing from a
a) liquid to a gas
b) liquid to plasma
c) solid to a gas
d) solid to a liquid

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