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A student records the height of two ivy plants while giving one water and one no water. What is the student doing?
a) conducting an observation
b) making a conclusion
c) drawing a conclusion
d) creating a hypothesis

Why do scientists repeat experiments?
a) To make their hypothesis correct
b) For fun
c) To get accurate results
d) Scientists don't repeat experiments.

Which mixture maintains its physical properties?
a) food coloring, salt, and water
b) sugar and water
c) sand and pepper
d) salt and water

Which mixture maintains, or keeps, its physical properties when mixed together?
a) sugar and coffee
b) powdered drink mix and water
c) sugar and iced tea
d) steel beads and plastic beads

Which mixture can be separated with a magnet?
a) water and salt
b) iron filings and sand
c) copper pennies and wood chips
d) wood chips and sand

Why does the metal part of your seatbelt get hot?
a) Metal is a poor thermal insulator.
b) Metal is a good insulator of thermal energy.
c) Metal is a poor conductor of thermal energy.
d) Metal is a good conductor of thermal energy.

Which of these tools will measure a physical property?
a) A rope
b) A clock
c) A stopwatch
d) A Triple Beam Balance

What is an insulator?
a) A state of matter
b) A material that does let heat and electricity pass through.
c) A material that does NOT let heat or electricity pass through.
d) A material that makes things hot and cold at the same time.

What is the MELTING point of water?
a) 0 degrees Celsius
b) 100 degrees Celsius
c) 32 degrees Celsius
d) 10 degrees Celsius

Which of the following has the greatest density and would sink in water?
a) cardboard
b) wood chips
c) Styrofoam
d) Metals like Copper, Brass, and Steel

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