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How did women contribute to the decision making process in the colonies?
a) They voted
b) They didn't contribute
c) They influenced the decisions of their husbands
d) They went to town meetings and voice their opinions

Which of the following is not a type of work children would do?
a) Help in the fields
b) An apprenticeship learning a trade
c) Mining for gold and silver in the rivers
d) Assisting with housework

Slaves in the South often did what type of work?
a) Worked in the fields on plantations
b) Worked in the home as servants
c) Helped run small businesses
d) Worked their own small farms

Slave codes were laws that forbid slaves to do all BUT which of the following
a) Read and write
b) Marry a white person
c) Own property
d) Have children

What types of items did the Natives trade to the colonists?
a) Furs and food
b) Bows and arrows
c) Gold and silver
d) Rights to the land

Which of the following types of items did the colonists trade the Natives?
a) Guns
b) Iron materials such as utensils and tools
c) Cloth and woven goods
d) All of the above

Which Native American led a war against the colonists?
a) Powhatan
b) Squanto
c) King Phillip (Metacom)
d) Samoset

The Native Americans engaged in wars with each other for what reason?
a) Who got to trade with the colonists
b) Territory for hunting
c) Farm land
d) It is unknown why they fought

Which of the following describes the education of most children in the colonies?
a) Most were home schooled if they attended school at all
b) Were required to go to school up to the 8th grade
c) Most boys would go to college, girls worked in the home
d) All children, including slave children, went to school through the 12th grade

Which of the following was not a typical role of a woman in colonial times?
a) Cleaning
b) Taking care of the children
c) Making decisions for the colony
d) Managing the economy of the family

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