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What type of items do service industries produce?
a) intangible
b) tangible
c) knowledge
d) basic

What is one of the geopgraphic features shared by both Canada and the US?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Rio Grande
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Mojave Desert

Invasion and colonization change the characteristics of a culture by
a) creating one big culture
b) immigrants fight and kill the natives
c) the cultures meet and change each other
d) immigrants competing with natives for resources

North America is in which hemisphere?
a) Upper
b) lower
c) Eastern
d) Western

Businesses left to set their own standards will lack
a) money
b) morals/ethics
c) food
d) fun

Which one is NOT a reason to limit government?
a) protecting human rights
b) economic freedom
c) religious freedom
d) assuring control of the press

Which part of the US would NOT be good for farming
a) rocky mountains
b) great plains
c) atlantic coast
d) northwest

The people who work are called what?
a) natural resources
b) labor
c) land
d) capital

The early settlers in the US settled where?
a) eastern seacoast
b) midwest plains
c) desert
d) southern lowlands

Which one is NOT a way to measure the economic development of a country?
a) literacy rate
b) GDP Per Capita
c) top 20 countdown
d) GDP

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