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A classification system enables a person to
a) organize observations in a meaningful way
b) alter the properties of objects being studied
c) make careful plans for determining the accuracy of an observation
d) make accurate measurements of the dimensions of an object

The grouping of objects or events based on similar characteristics is called
a) classification
b) measurement
c) interpretation
d) observation

A classification system is based on the use of
a) the human senses to observe properties of objects
b) instruments to observe properties of objects
c) observed properties to group objects with similar characteristics
d) inferences to make observations

Scientists often use classification systems in
a) organize their observations in a meaningful way
b) extend their powers of observation
c) make direct comparisons with standard units of measurement
d) make more accurate interpretations

A student classifies several objects. The classification system should be based on
a) observations
b) inferences
c) hypotheses
d) interpretations

The primary purpose of a classification system is to enable people to
a) organize observations in a meaningful way
b) extend their powers of observation
c) eliminate inaccurate inferences
d) make measurements that are very accurate

Which statement best illustrates a classification system?
a) Stars are grouped according to their color.
b) Snowfall predictions for winter storms vary.
c) Ocean depths are measured by using sonar.
d) A glacier melts at the rate of one meter per year.

A student is asked to classify several rocks. For best results, the classification should be based on
a) observations
b) hypotheses
c) interpretations
d) inferences

Which procedure is an example of classifying observed data?
a) grouping stars by brightness
b) graphing temperature versus time for a particular date
c) photographing the cloud cover for a location throughout 1 week
d) measuring the angle of Polaris from two different locations

Which property is used to classify the land-derived sedimentary rocks?
a) particle size
b) mineral composition
c) fossil content
d) color

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