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Who led the spread of religion in the colonies known as the Great Awakening?
a) John Winthrop
b) John Smith
c) Lord Calvert
d) Jonathan Edwards

Who helped start Maryland as a safe place for Catholics?
a) Lord Calvert
b) Anne Hutchinson
c) Roger Williams
d) Susan B. Anthony

Who started the colony of Rhode Island because he disagreed with the Puritans and wanted religion to be separated from government?
a) John Winthrop
b) Roger Williams
c) Thomas Hooker
d) Jonathan Edwards

Who led a rebellion against the Jamestown government because he was angry settlers were not being protected from the Natives?
a) Jonathan Edwards
b) Peter Stuyvesant
c) Nathaniel Bacon
d) William Bradford

Who was the leader of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam when it was taken over by the English?
a) Peter Stuyvesant
b) Jonathan Edwards
c) John Winthrop
d) Roger Williams

Who started the colony of Georgia, as a settlement for poor debtors from England? (
a) Captain Perry
b) Lord Calvert
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Anne Hutchinson

Who helped lead the colony of Jamestown and helped create a strong relationship with the Native Americans by trading?
a) Captain Perry
b) John Smith
c) John Rolfe
d) William Penn

Who was the leader of the Pilgrims in the Plymouth Colony and signer of the Mayflower Compact?
a) John Smith
b) Roger Williams
c) William Bradford
d) William Penn

What Native American leader helped the Pilgrims by introducing them to local tribes, and teaching them how to fertilize the land?
a) Tecumseh
b) Metacom
c) Pocahontas
d) Squanto

Who started a colony with the hopes of creating a safe place for Quakers?
a) William Penn
b) William Bradford
c) John Smith
d) Lord Calvert

Who started the colony of Connecticut and wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, after disagreeing with the Puritans and leaving Massachusetts?
a) Roger Williams
b) Thomas Hooker
c) Nathaniel Bacon
d) Peter Stuyvesant

Who helped establish freedom of the press after being put in jail for publicly criticizing the government?
a) Thomas Hooker
b) John Peter Zenger
c) James Oglethorpe
d) William Bradford

Who was the leader of the Native Americans who had rocky relationship with the Jamestown settlers?
a) Squanto
b) Samoset
c) Powhatan
d) Metacom

After sharing her religious beliefs and being banished from her Puritan colony in Massachusetts, who is the woman who helped start the colony of Rhode Island?
a) Anne Bradford
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Anne Hutchinson
d) Anne Bradstreet

Who led the Puritans from England to Massachusetts during the Great Migration?
a) John Smith
b) Lord Calvert
c) Thomas Hooker
d) John Winthrop

Who started growing tobacco in Jamestown, and helped the colony make a profit?
a) John Smith
b) John Rolfe
c) Captain Perry
d) John Winthrop

Who was the woman who marred John Rolfe and helped bring peace between Jamestown settlers and the Natives?
a) Pocahontas
b) Sacagawea
c) Samoset
d) Rebecca Edwards

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