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Which one of the following substances listed below is a fossil fuel?
a) uranium
b) petroleum
c) carbon dioxide
d) granite

Recycling is an important way to reduce resource consumption because
a) reducing waste is better than recycling it
b) it decreases the use of new resources to make products
c) curbside pick-up makes recycling more convenient in many communities
d) recycling is not a new way to save resources

Petroleum and natural gas form from
a) the remains of plants and animals buried long ago
b) the decay of radioactive sediments underground
c) plant material that collected in swamps millions of years ago
d) heating and cooling of magma

Hydroelectric power produces electricity using
a) the sun's rays
b) wind
c) moving water
d) storms

Energy transfers mean
a) energy changing from one form to another
b) energy of movement
c) how electricity is made
d) putting up electric wires from power plants

What is energy efficiency?
a) Describes how energy can be changed
b) The amount of useful energy you can get out of a system
c) Describes how easily energy is made
d) The amount of energy transformed

All of the following are forms of energy except
a) kinetic
b) gravity
c) sound
d) vaccuum of space

We can measure energy in
a) inches
b) liters
c) btu's
d) cords

The United States uses most of its energy in
a) agriculture
b) industry
c) transportation
d) homes

Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
a) coal
b) wind
c) biomass
d) hydroelectric

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