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Who has to follow the BPS acceptable use policy?
a) students only
b) staff only
c) students and Staff
d) nobody needs to follow this policy

When do you need to follow this policy?
a) anytime you are using school purchased technology
b) anytime you are on school property or at a school sponsored event, even on your personal device
c) during school hours, even on your personal device
d) on the school bus and at school

Which of the following devices are covered in the policy?
a) computers only
b) computers and phones
c) computers, phones, copy machines, and ActivBoards
d) all technology housed and used on school property

What should you do if someone sends your something inappropriate online?
a) tell an adult
b) delete it and never think of it again
c) reply to tell the sender you don't like that kind of message
d) send it to all of your friends

What is not allowed to be downloaded?
a) inappropriate pictures
b) inappropriate videos and/or pictures
c) inappropriate music and/or videos
d) inappropriate pictures, videos, and/or music

Which statement is true?
a) It is okay to say mean things online if you are only joking
b) It is okay to say mean things online if you don't know the person
c) It is okay to say mean things online if you don't use any bad words
d) It is never okay to say mean things online

When should you use someone else's password?
a) you should never use someone else's password
b) if your partner is absent and you need the work on their computer
c) when the teacher gives it to you
d) if the person gave it to you

Which of the following is not personal information?
a) your full name
b) your phone number and address
c) your age and birthday
d) a nickname

Which of the following is true?
a) I don't have to worry about posting things online because I can always delete things from the internet later.
b) Nothing on the internet is private.
c) I can post whatever I want on the internet as long as it is password protected.
d) I should never post anything on the internet.

How should you navigate the internet?
a) I can click on any link at school, anything inappropriate is already blocked.
b) I must always use my internet safety tips. Just because I can get somewhere, doesn't mean it is appropriate.
c) My teacher will protect my computer, I don't need to worry about it.
d) There is no need to be careful on the internet.

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