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The word overeat would mean.
a) The state of eating.
b) Excessive eating.
c) Eating on top of something
d) Eating again

What does the suffix -or mean? Example words creator, illustrator
a) Full of/capable of
b) Having to do with
c) in/not/ without
d) Condition or property of person or thing.

A historian would be someone who has certain skills in the area of .
a) History
b) Reading
c) Math
d) Science

Which suffix would you add to the root of the word science to describe a person who belongs or has to do with the field of science?
a) - ous
b) -or
c) -ist
d) -able /-ible

Adding - ible to the root flex would mean what?
a) having to do with flex.
b) without flex
c) having the quality to flex.
d) full of flex

The suffix -ous was added to a root to make the word anxious. Which of the following would be the best meaning of the new word.
a) full of anxiety
b) The state of being anxious
c) excessive anxiety
d) not anxious

When the suffix -ic is added to a word it means ..
a) belongs to
b) having a certain skill
c) the state of
d) having to do with

Adding the prefix il- to the word legal would make the word mean....
a) not legal
b) excessive legal
c) belongs or a member of
d) full of legal

Adding -ed to a root would change the verb to which tense?
a) present
b) future
c) past

Which word would mean - full of caution
a) cautionity
b) cautious
c) overcautious
d) cautionist

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