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Organisms that make their own food through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis:
a) consumer
b) both 2 and 3
c) autotroph
d) producer

The arrows in a food web show:
a) which organism eats another
b) order from smallest to largest
c) the direction the sun shines
d) which direction the energy flows

Only about __________ of the original energy is available to passed on at every trophic level.
a) 100
b) 10
c) 20
d) 50

Producers store ____________________ energy in the form of ____________ energy.
a) radiant, chemical
b) thermal, chemical
c) thermal, electrical
d) chemical, radiant

Organisms that must consume other organisms for food:
a) chemotroph
b) producers
c) heterotroph
d) autotroph

How are decomposers different from detritivores?
a) they are less complex
b) they are sessile
c) they are producers
d) they are more complex

A food chain always begins with a ____________________.
a) consumer
b) plant
c) producer
d) animal

Some organisms produce food through the process of chemosynthesis. These organisms do not need ___________ to make food and live.
a) minerals
b) sunlight
c) water
d) raw materials

A________________ consumer eats producers.
a) primary
b) top
c) tertiary
d) secondary

Omnivores eat:
a) plants and animals
b) jelly beans only
c) animals only
d) plants only

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