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What is letter writing?
a) It is the exchange of printed or written communications.
b) It is just a letter writing composition.
c) It is the giving information through text.
d) It is a communication process where you have to use verbal communication.

What would be the commonly drawn between personal letters and business letters?
a) Instinction
b) Distinction
c) Restriction
d) Description

A kind of letter that the way of communicating between two people (sometimes more) who are usually well acquainted.
a) Complaint letter
b) Request Letter
c) Friendly Letter
d) Excuse Letter

A kind of letter that the formal way of communicating between two or more parties. This letters can be informational, persuasive, motivational, or promotional.
a) Business Letter
b) Friendly letter
c) Excuse letter
d) Request Letter

A letter that is written excusing a person from  something.
a) Friendly letter
b) Excuse Letter
c) Proposal Letter
d) Request Letter

One of the main parts of the letter that includes the address and date. In some cases, it is okay to just write the date.
a) Salutation?Greeting
b) Heading
c) Body
d) Signature

It is the main text of your letter.
a) Closing
b) Signature
c) Body
d) Heading

It is one of the main part of a letter that includes a short capitalized expression such as ‘sincerely’ or ‘love’ and is followed by a comma.
a) Closing
b) Date
c) Body
d) Salutation

This is what you sign your name beginning directly after the closing.
a) CLosing
b) Salutation
c) Signature
d) Body

It is the part of the letter thatusually starts with “Dear” and in followed by the person’s name and then a comma.
a) Closing
b) Body
c) Heading
d) Salutation/Greeting

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