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Why do Billy's parents want to move to town?
a) To give their children a better education
b) To escape mountain lion attacks
c) To earn a better living
d) To help Grandpa run the store

How many coons were in the box elder snag?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

How does Old Dan die?
a) A mountain lion wounds him
b) He stops eating after Little Ann dies
c) He dies of old age
d) He freezes during the championship

What does the red fern symbolize?
a) Friendship
b) Loyalty
c) Love
d) The red fern symbolizes all of these things

What does Billy get for winning the championship hunt?
a) A mule
b) A trophy
c) $300
d) He wins a trophy AND $300

What does Little Ann win a trophy for?
a) Speed
b) Beauty
c) Obedience
d) Temperament

What happens to Grandpa on the hunt
a) He falls behind
b) He twists his ankle
c) He has a heart attack
d) He twists his ankle AND falls behind

Why does Grandpa invite Billy to store after Rubin's death?
a) He wants to ask Billy to help him at the store
b) He wants to tell Billy about the championship hunt
c) He wants to give Billy hunting supplies
d) Grandpa wants Billy at the store for all of these reasons

What is Rubin trying to do when he falls on the ax?
a) Kill the Ghost Coon
b) Scare Billy
c) He is trying to cut down the tree the Ghost Coon is in
d) Kill Old Dan and Little Ann

What do the Pritchard boys bet Billy?
a) That he can't kill the ghost coon
b) That he can't tree the ghost coon
c) That his dogs can't beat theirs in a fight
d) That he can't catch their first coon

Who accepts the Pritchard boys' bet?
a) Mama
b) Papa
c) Billy
d) Grandpa

Why does Billy attempt to cut down the tree his first coon is in?
a) The Pritchard boys bet him he can't catch it
b) Billy promised his sisters he would catch a coon
c) Billy promised his dogs he would catch the first coon they treed
d) Billy's Grandpa tells him catching the coon will make him a man

What does Billy do to raise money for his puppies?
a) Sells vegetables
b) Sells crawfish and minnows
c) Picks berries
d) Billy completes all of the listed tasks

How long does it take Billy to save the money for his puppies?
a) Two months
b) Six months
c) One year
d) Two years

How does Billy find the ad for the coonhounds?
a) In a poster on his grandpa’s store window
b) In a magazine he found by the stream
c) His papa finds one and shows it to him
d) He finds it in a newspaper

What do Billy's parents use his earnings for?
a) A mule
b) A plow
c) Their move to town
d) A car

Which of the following is NOT a symbol in the novel?
a) Papa's gun
b) The ax
c) The carvings of the names Ann and Dan in the tree
d) The red fern

How does Billy know the dog in chapter one is trying to get home and is owned by a young boy?
a) He has a handmade collar
b) The name on the collar looks like it was written by a child
c) The dog has worn paws
d) Billy uses all of these clues to make a guess about the dog's past

How do the townspeople react when they see Billy with his puppies?
a) They welcome him and cheer him
b) They ignore him
c) They laugh at him and call him dog
d) They run from him and call him crazy

What happens when Billy camps for the first night with his new puppies?
a) Little Ann disappears
b) Old Dan disappears
c) A mountain lion appears
d) All of these things happen on the first night

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