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Why are repeated trials important?
a) To make sure errors in the experiment do not ruin overall data
b) To make the experiment more challenging
c) To make experiment longer
d) To have a measurable DV

How can you identify the Independent (Manipulated) variable?
a) It stays the same throughout the experiment
b) It's impossible
c) It is measured or observed
d) It's effect is what's being tested

Why is it important to control your variables?
a) To get reliable data
b) So that you are confident that the only thing affecting the DV is the levels of IV
c) To make sure no outside factors skew data
d) All of these

To test how different liquids affect plants, Bob sets up an experiment and uses all of the same species of plants, gives them all the same volume of liquid, and puts them in same environment. With this, what is Bob doing?
a) Completing repeated trials
b) Gathering supplies
c) Identifying the DV
d) Controlling his variables

In an experiment using human subjects, why is it important to have lots of people in the study?
a) Because not many people will agree to be in the study
b) To have the others watch the trials
c) To have enough data to create an average that helps eliminate the effect of variation in humans
d) To make the experiment more difficult

Mary wants to test how different fertilizers affect the volume of roots a rosebush grows. What is Mary's DV?
a) root volume
b) fertilizers
c) temperature
d) amount of fertilizer

To represent the volume of roots in her rosebushes over two weeks, what is the best graph for Mary to use?
a) pie chart
b) line graph
c) scatter plot
d) bar graph

Bob is testing the effect of different liquids on plant growth. Which of the following would you expect to be a level of his independent variable?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) air
d) dirt

What is the purpose of a control in an experiment?
a) It limits the number of independent variables
b) It mirrors the natural state and is used as a comparison for the experimental results
c) To make sure there is only 1 dependent variable
d) There isn't one

Which data would be best represented with a bar graph?
a) The decline in bald eagle population after 1960
b) How many 7th graders prefer each color of Starburst
c) The change in mass of a dog throughout its lifetime
d) The increase in height of a boy throughout the year

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