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In negotiating at the conference in Munich, Great Britain and France gave in to Hitler's demands for control of the Sudetenland. In doing so, they were following a policy of _______.
a) appeasement
b) isolationism
c) militarism
d) imperialism

Adolf Hitler used a blitzkrieg, or lightning war, to conquer which country?
a) Austria
b) Poland
c) Russia
d) Great Britain

The Prime Minister who led the British against the Nazis in World War II was _____.
a) Neville Chamberlain
b) Lloyd George
c) Winston Churchill
d) Arthur Balfour

Which of the following led the US into World War II?
a) Battle of Britain
b) German invasion of Poland
c) fall of France to the Nazis
d) attack on Pearl Harbor

Which nation gave the most support to the US in the Pacific?
a) China
b) the Soviet Union
c) France
d) the United Kingdom

Which of the following nations was liberated by the D-Day invasion?
a) Italy
b) Russia
c) France
d) Japan

Under the Nuremberg laws, German Jews were ____.
a) encouraged to become Nazis
b) robbed of their citizenship
c) encouraged to marry Germans
d) ordered to take German-sounding names

Hitler's policies of hate targeted all of the following groups EXCEPT ____.
a) the Slavs
b) people of Aryan descent
c) the Roma (gypsies)
d) Communists

The goal of the "final solution" was ____.
a) movement of Jews to Palestine
b) complete destruction of Jews
c) enlistment of Jews in the German army
d) education of Jews in Nazi schools

The atomic bombs used to end World War II were dropped on _____.
a) Tokyo and Nagasaki
b) Berlin and Tokyo
c) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
d) Hiroshima and Berlin

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