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Which describes the climate of most of Germany?
a) very cold winters with hot and dry summers
b) cool summers with land deep in snow most of the winter
c) cool winters and mild summers with good precipitation for crops
d) hot summers and cold winters with little precipitation except for winter snow

Which is a natural resource of Germany?
a) coal
b) gold
c) diamonds
d) rain forests

Which has about the same area as Germany?
a) Florida and Georgia
b) the continental United States
c) the southeastern United States
d) Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina

What geographic feature makes it more difficult for Italian merchants to trade with countries north of Italy?
a) Sardinia
b) Alps Mountains
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Apennine Mountains

What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders?
a) the location of the Alps, which are a defense against other countries
b) the location on the Mediterranean Sea with access to Africa, Asia, and Europe
c) the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, which are not far from the coast of western Italy
d) the warm air from the Sahara Desert, which creates a warm, dry summer for most of Italy.

Which condition is NOT a characteristic of Italy’s Mediterranean climate?
a) dry summers
b) long, cold winters
c) clear, blue summer skies
d) mild temperatures all year

Which industry is MOST helped by Italy’s arable land and good amounts of rainfall?
a) wine making
b) natural gas production
c) marble and granite mines
d) fishing fleets on the Mediterranean Sea

A similarity between Italy and Germany is that, in both countries, people tend to live in
a) rural areas.
b) urban areas.
c) the southern region.
d) farming communities.

A difference between Italy and Germany is that Germany
a) has less arable land than Italy.
b) is more densely populated than Italy.
c) has a much smaller population than Italy.
d) does not allow people to live near the Rhine River.

Which country has a boot-like shape?
a) Russia
b) United Kingdom
c) Germany
d) Italy

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